Voices for the Planet: Live Webinar + Q&A

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Getting ready to vote?

Together, we can create the world we want to live in by voting and by making our voices heard year-round.

Congress's approval rating has not hit 30% in 10 years, yet over 90% of all incumbents were re-elected. Now, thanks to our nonprofit partner IssueVoter, you can now see what your current representatives have been up to this year.

IssueVoter is the only platform that provides a personalized representative scorecard, helping individuals keep politicians accountable and become more informed voters at the next election.


Voices for the Planet

Join 1% for the Planet, Issue Voter and The Andi Brand for a live webinar on "Voices for the Planet" and learn how you can get involved.

Voices for the planet is a new platform designed to increase engagement on environmental legislation. With the support of 1% for the Planet and The ANDI Brand, IssueVoter is creating this customized platform for communities to get alerts, track, understand and make voices heard on  legislation related to the environment.

Voices for the Planet aims to drive community engagement on important environmental legislation. In this webinar, you'll learn more about how "Voices for the Planet" works, how you can support the mission and even engage in our live discussion on environmental voting. 







Founding Sponsors

Thank you to 1% for the Planet member businesses The ANDI Brand, Swoveralls, Outer Mindful Projects and Hammond Climate Solutions,  Mon Coeur, Linne and Mindful Projects for supporting IssueVoter in the creation of "Voices for the Planet." 


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