About the Planet Impact Portfolio

The Planet Impact Portfolio provides critical funding to six environmental nonprofit organizations working tirelessly for a healthy, sustainable future for people and the planet—with a particular focus on the communities most impacted by environmental challenges. For 1% for the Planet members, giving to the Portfolio is a great way to learn about and support multiple vetted environmental organizations with a single donation.


About our partners


The 2021 Planet Impact Portfolio features a nonprofit partner in each of 1% for the Planet’s six issue areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife. We selected the participating organizations for their positive efforts ranging from women-led conservation in the Amazon Rainforest to providing safe drinking water in Flint, Michigan. Together, they form a balanced portfolio of nonprofits using different approaches to address a breadth of today’s environmental challenges.

Climate Change

Women Engage for a Common Future International

We selected this nonprofit because their work on climate justice, sustainable energy and a safe environment not only recognizes the interconnection of these issues with gender equality and women’s rights, but ensures that women are included in decision-making.


Support and Feed

We selected this nonprofit for their environmentally-responsive solutions to hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic. Support and Feed is creating food pipelines that provide plant-based meals to feed those facing food insecurity, while also reducing environmental impact, expanding nutrition education, boosting resilience in neighborhoods and supporting local businesses.



We selected ARBIO for their collaborative, science-based approach to conserving the Amazon rainforest in Peru’s Madre de Dios region and their alignment with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The organization, founded and led by three sisters, focuses on direct management actions, ecological research and protection of forests.



This organization is all about mobilizing the next generation. We selected 501CTHREE for the creativity and urgency they bring to promoting awareness of and innovating to solve energy, water and food crises. Innovations include the Water Box, an alternative—and sustainable—way to get safe drinking water to communities that need it most, like Flint, Michigan.


Drip by Drip

Drip by Drip is the first nonprofit to tackle the water challenges in the fashion and textile industry. We selected them because they are going beyond sharing knowledge about the connection between fashion and water use—they are working to improve the industry itself. Innovations include the development of the world’s first water-saving fabric alternatives.


Karrkad Kanjdji Trust

We selected this nonprofit because of their community-driven approach to conservation that centers Indigenous leadership, land management and cultural heritage. KKT is bringing together Indigenous Ranger groups, communities and philanthropists in West and Central Arnhem Land—one of the most culturally rich and biodiverse regions of Australia—in support of environmental conservation, education and employment.

1% for the Planet approved nonprofit partners are carefully vetted environmental organizations that are eligible to receive funding from our members. Learn about our full network of nonprofit partners here.

How it works

We are excited to offer the Planet Impact Portfolio as an easy, all-in-one way that members can fulfill their 1% commitment.

  • You can choose to donate any amount—your full 1% commitment for the year or a portion of your 1%.
  • We pool all Planet Impact Portfolio donations and distribute them evenly among the six selected nonprofit partners every quarter.
  • See the impact of your donation. Our team will send you a Quarterly Results email featuring the work of the six nonprofits you supported with your Planet Impact Portfolio donation.

1% for the Planet does not retain any of the Planet Impact Portfolio funds—we are thrilled to provide you with this offering as a member service. If you have any questions about the Portfolio, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your membership manager or email us at individuals@onepercentfortheplanet.org.