Elevate your business with B2B services from our 2020 Network Auction


Our 2020 Network Auction offers more business-to-business services than ever before. 


1% for the Planet members working together to build better business—what could be better?

We love it when our network comes together to use business to better our world. With the B2B services in this year's Network Auction, you can elevate your business with the support of brands with shared values and a commitment to our planet.

This year's B2B offerings include video creation, advertising and outreach, employee engagement and creative solutions to get the word out about your brand. Check out the experiences and get in your bids before November 27th to take advantage of these amazing opportunities. 


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Video Creation



Animated Manifesto Video with the Disruption Society

A short video (up to 30 seconds) full of animated goodness to broadcast your mission, activate your audience, and Disrupt Society for the better. We will work with you to craft a message and discover a style that will best raise awareness for your cause, sell more of your products, or provide your services to more people. This may be a fully illustrated and animated video or might incorporate live video footage and photography that you already have combined with animated graphic elements.

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Marketing Video with Ben Hemmings Media

We're editing one marketing video for your company! Here's what's included:
- One video
- Up to 60 seconds
- Consulting to understand your brand, product or service
- Concept development & script writing included
- Voiceover directing (if required)
- Video will be edited from existing footage of your product, founders, business, and from premium stock footage services

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Employee Engagement




Remote Staffing & Recruitment Service with Booth & Partners 

We are providing a staffing service. We recruit and source back office talent from the Philippines to work remotely for our clients all around the world in a number of specializations such as accounting, customer support, IT, marketing and many more.

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3 Months of Employee Engagement with the

WellMent Company

Weekly custom videos delivered to you and your team with engagement challenges and custom tracking.

We focus on 3 things:
1) Personal well-being (Care)
2) Building relationships and understanding amongst co-workers (Community)
3) Learning and living your personal and organizational purposes and values at work and in the world (Meaning)

Our fun, creative and custom weekly video challenges cover a diverse range of topics to match and build upon your company's culture and values. These videos drive engagement by encouraging your team to practice Care, Community and Meaning. While we all know that Care, Community and Meaning are important, this knowledge itself does not actually help us. We need to practice.

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Creative Direction and Strategy




Creative Consultancy Session with Good Planet

We're offering 1% Members heavily discounted creative consultancy for their film and photography campaigns. Whether you're planning your first or hundredth campaign, we will go over everything there is to consider to ensure you get the best possible results.  We'll tailor our session to make the biggest impact possible for you, whatever stage you are at - whether it's ideation, creative development or production.

This isn't a generalist approach - it's a creative consultancy tailored to a specific need/project you are working on, or planning to shoot.

From the 1000's of shoots we've executed for clients such as Nike, adidas, The North Face, and Samsung, we know that every project is unique, and we'll bring all our experience to play for you.

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Business Profit Plan with Moxie Bookkeeping

You are great at what you do - but feel awkward about your lack of clarity around your business finances. Enter the Profit Plan - a plan to show you exactly where you are, where you should be, and how to get at-a-glance clarity without spreadsheets.

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Impactful, Inspirational Logo Design Package with Tortuga Creative Studio

With this Impactful, Inspiration Logo Design Package, you will work with us at Tortuga Creative Studio (a 1% for the Planet member and sustainability focused design studio) to create a new logo for your small business or non-profit. We will work directly with you to create a logo that stands out in a crowd, inspires your audience and shares your message with the world.

The Impactful, Inspirational Logo Design package includes a discovery phase where we get to know you, your business and your goals, up to three custom, creative logo concepts for your consideration, one final logo concept, a recommended font and colour palette and final files for using your logo across all print and online applications. As a 1% for the Planet Network Auction bonus, we will include a mini-brand guideline that outlines use of your new logo, font and colour palette. In addition, you will have access to our creative team through various checkpoints and meetings throughout the design process.

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Advertising and Outreach




Facebook Ads Account Audit with eboost Consulting

Our Facebook Ads Account Audit service is perfect for companies that are currently running Facebook Ads and have a large amount of data but are not currently getting the results they want.

Our experts do a deep dive on your account to discover what's working, what could be improved and what new strategies, tactics and features to test next.

We uncover insights that lead to massive increases in efficiency and scale for our clients.

The audit includes:
* 1 hour initial phone call to understand goals, objectives, company history and account history
* Audit deliverable: Performance Snapshot, Performance Factors Checklist, Action Items
* 1 hour phone call to review and consult with your marketing team on next steps
* Two 30-minutes follow-up calls over the following month to check in on progress and for further consultation

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$1000 Facebook Ad Coupon with adMixt 

Let adMixt help you reach your marketing goals. Whether you're an ecommerce merchant, non-profit, or other Facebook or Instagram advertiser, adMixt has the technology and experience to maximize your investment and reach the people who matter to you.

This lot includes a $1000 Facebook ad credit, up to 4 hours of consultation time, and free ad optimization for up to $10,000 in ads.

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Email Marketing Audit with Email Broadcast

Are you getting the results you want with your current email marketing? Get an expert opinion on your email marketing campaign and specific, actionable steps on how to improve so you can win more business.

We have been practicing the art and science of email marketing since 2000. It is all we do. Let us take a look under the hood and we will tell you if you have hit the mark or if it is time to reassess your campaign strategy. We will also tell you how to do it right.

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